Parma Penguins Branding

Identity Guidelines

The Parma Penguins is a hypothetical soccer team located in Parma, Ohio. Due to the harsh winters that northeast Ohio can get, I chose the theme based on that idea. The soccer team is a fierce competitor with the community cheering them on. The logo is a penguin that reflects the harsh competition that the Parma Penguins are willing to play against. The cool light blue and night blue reflect the winter season. I created the identity guidelines, which illustrate how the branding looks and how the different elements are used. I also created the letterhead, envelope, and business cards to be consistent with the brand’s designs, along with the team’s jersey.

Main Logo

Sub Logo

Parma Penguins Logo
Parma Penguins Sub Logo

Parma Penguins Branding

Parma Penguins Branding Letter Head and Business Card

Previous Versions

Color and Type Study

Parma Penguins Color & Type Study


Parma Penguins Sketches Mock-Up

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