Letter H Poster Series

Symbol Letter H Poster Mock-Up

                                                                                                       Letter H History

The letter H, in many words does not have a sound. This lead to the idea that the H wants to be heard. The green color represents soundbar colors. The first poster is focused on the symbol. The rectangles on each side of the letter H are soundbars that bleed off onto each side, which emphasizes the idea of sound. The header “How H wanted to be Heard” is the main focus of the second poster. Keeping a consistent visual, the word heard is the soundbars; this creates a focal point. In the third poster, the main focus is the body copy. The body copy acts as an air horn handle. The green bars appear again as showing sound coming off of the body copy.

Header Letter H Poster Mock-Up
Body Copy Letter H Poster Mock-Up

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Letter H Sketches Mock-Up

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