Soul Cycling Classes

Soul Cycling

Soul Cycling is a great cardio workout. This is a large class, so bring a friend or two to join in. Indoor cycling is the new trend and exercise with popular music. Classes are Monday through Wednesday at 9 A.M. and last 45 minutes.

Yoga Classes


Learn new ways to relax and meditate while stretching your body in one of our yoga classes. These are smaller group classes, and there are five different sessions throughout the day. We have beginners all the way to the pro level.

Zumba Classes


Zumba is a fun way to dance and burn off some calories. New some new moves while staying in shape. These classes are very popular, so make sure to reserve in advance. They run once a week on Fridays at 2 P.M.

Water Aerobics Classes

Water Aerobics

Take a dip in our pool and do some water aerobics. This is a fun way to exercise and meet new people. You will get a full-body workout. Classes are held Thursday through Saturday at 8 A.M.


Basic Membership Plan

Premium Membership Plan

Golden Membership Plan


Abbie the tranior


Is a yoga instructer that focuses on healing the mind. Learn new stretches to help relax your body. Her classes are great after a long workout

Julie the tranior


Focuses on weight lifting along with other core muscle exercises. Julie is a great person to start with if you always wanted to build your upper body.

Sam the tranior


Works on toning the muscules of the upper body. Sam is a tranior for the more advance fitness.

James the tranior


Works with people who are just starting out in the gym. Helps you set up a daily routine, and gives exercises that best fits your needs.

Mike the tranior


Focuses on improving your cardio. He does a lot of running classes that helps you prepare for any kind of race. Set new record times with Mike.

Kevin the tranior


Works with athletes to help improve their workouts. Makes sure streches helps heals and is done properly.



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